Mission:  To provide the Seaman Class of 1964 with the opportunity to communicate, reminisce, and celebrate.

Seaman High School is no longer in existence, it nurtured students for over 100 years before it was submerged into North Adams High School.  Our class began its journey in 1952 with the first grade when we were five-six years old  (there was no kindergarten system).  We were quickly immersed into the elementary red brick school building and spent our first six years in the same building.  Students who attended Cherry Fork and Oliver elementary schools joined the Seaman class at different levels, Oliver came to Seaman in the seventh grade, Cherry Fork joined the Seaman class in the 9th grade.  Unfortunately the Seaman yearbooks do not include pictures from the other elementary schools.

Thirty-nine class members graduated in May of 1964 and have remained in contact since graduation.  We have celebrated class reunions every five years.  We are marking the celebration of our fortieth year with our entrance into the information age and are initiating our website that we hope will be useful in years to come.

Reunion Planning Committee

Our reunion planning committee includes: Patty Kennedy Wilmoth, Eugenia Grooms Gordley, Peggy Henize Schear and Betty Wright.  We have met once and decided to initiate our web site, we’re trying to determine a favor for the banquet – let us know if you have any ideas, and we’re planning to call and invite as many former class members as we can locate. We have not been able to locate all of the year book’s for pictures and have no pictures from Oliver or Cherry Fork.  All help will be greatly appreciated.  We are keeping security in mind and will not publish personally identifying information here and hopefully our website will be a good place for us to reconnect and stay connected in the future.  Peggy is functioning as webmaster so all of the email addresses of this site will go to her.  Please share any ideas, thoughts, concerns etc. so we can make this a site we will all use and enjoy.